Our Tanks

Our main star of the show is of course our Meantime Brewery fresh tank beer. A smoother lager than most, with enhanced aromas and well rounded flavours. You're guaranteed to taste the difference and here's why... The beer has no contact with air until it hits your glass! It doesn't need to be pasteurised or filtered like most beers and it's delivered straight from the maturation tanks at the brewery, into our own Tanks here at Tank & Paddle. It will continue to improve in flavour from the day it was made to the moment it's in your hand and that's why we love it.

Draught & Craft

Check out our full range of craft beers and what's on tap this month hosting some of our favourites from both local and global breweries. We love our beers so much that we switch up our draught and bottled range constantly so make sure you ask our brew crew and check the specials boards to see what we have on this week! And of course.. if you have a favourite beer yourself and would love to see it in Tank & Paddle, just let one of our brew crew know and we'll try our best to get it in for a treat!

Wined Down

It's no secret that we are all about the love of beer here at Tank & Paddle, but we know some of you lovely lot might have a different tipple of choice. Fear not! Our menu is also home to a selection of crisp, fresh wines, bubbles and a few cocktail favourites! Not much of a drinker? Why not have a dabble in our soft drink range by Karma Kola. Lemony Lemonade and Gingerella come with high recommendation - a real thirst quencher!