Dude Vs Dough!

Tank & Paddles' official eating challenge! If you have seen our sharing pizzas, you will know that this is not a meal to take lightly! The aim is to gobble down a YARD long pizza of your choice and a Mac 'n' Cheese in just 15 minutes. It's just £20 to enter at any of our venues and we even include tap water in that price as well. Lose? We'll keep your money and no doubt think a little less of you.. but WIN and become an official Doughminator, get double your money back as a bar tab, a t-shirt you should wear proudly and your face up on our wall of champs! Come and have a go if you think your hard enough!

Tank Tips

You didn't hear it from us.. but here are a few tips to take on board. Eat quickly... may seem like we're stating the obvious but honestly 15 minutes is not a long time and its a whole lotta food to get down. Every minute counts. Eat the pizza with the toppings on the outside.. apparently it makes it go down easier. Who knew? Dip your crusts in water.. sounds gross but nothing about this challenge will make you look too attractive. Get those doughy crusts softened up and you'll save some time guaranteed! The rest is down to you! Good Luck

The Record

The standing record is an incredible 6 MINUTES 20 SECONDS! We have had nearly 100 people take the challenge and many have fallen! The top doughminator woofed it down in the blink of an eye - it was quite a moment. A very sweaty moment, but still! If you think you can defeat the dough and become a legend then we can't wait to hear from you!

When's Good For You?

It's time to step up the heat, there's a lot here to eat , and hardly no time, we trust you'll be fine. Just give it a go, it's simply just dough, choose when you can come and let's have some fun!