Service Style

We offer a relaxed and super speedy service at Tank & Paddle with no table service needed. Perfect for those quick working lunches or if you're absolutely starvin' marvin! Once you've chosen what you fancy, stroll on over to the bar and order & pay there and then, quoting your table number. All of our food is cooked fresh and made to order so as soon as it's ready, we'll deliver it to your table to enjoy which means some dishes may arrive at different times. We also keep our kitchens open for as long as we are, so you'll never go hungry!

The Pizza

Our fresh stone baked pizzas are one of the best things about Tank & Paddle and can take as little as 3 minutes to cook up! A thin bottom crust brushed with our tangy tomato sauce, a whole lotta cheese and the toppings of your fancy. Incredibly Moorish if we do say so ourselves! Our menu is host to 8 of our particular favourites but make sure to keep an eye out on our special boards for some real game changers. Enjoy all of our pizzas in our regular size available all day or our whopping yard long sharers, available from 3pm - they're a real show stopper!

The Under Dogs

We know the pizzas are a go to on the menu, but there are some real champs in there as well. Our Mac 'n' Cheese range offers 4 tempting flavours bursting with gooey cheesey goodness. Then there's the salads if you're being good - freshly tossed and made to order. Then there's the nibbles - if you're not after a big meal and fancy something on the side of your beer - pizza crackers are the one and comes with an option of 3 dips; sweet chilli, garlic & herb and our personal fave - mango chutney.