The Official Rules

As with any grown up game, the first player is decided by rock, paper, scissors. Simply take turns in sliding your weights down the board from the same end.. the aim of the game is to get your weight in zone 3. To settle any battles; your weights have to pass line 1 to count, any that fall off means no points and any that hang off are double points (dependant on what section you're in obvs). Once all are played, the player who has the weight furthest ahead on the board will score but only their weights ahead of the furthest weight of your opponents counts (read one more time and it'll make sense) All Shuffleboard rules are up in venue so don't panic and enjoy!

Our Other Games

Of course the shuffleboard is our main star, but we do love ourselves a board game! We have them laid out across all our tables for you to choose from. Pint and Pictionary? Beer and Buckaroo? Gin and Giant Jenga? We're talking Uno, What do you Meme, Kerplunk, Operation. And of course, if you've got any suggestions of new games you'd like to play then let us know and we'll get it in before you can say check mate!

The Unofficial Rules

Don't get us wrong, we're all up for a few beers and a cheeky go on the shuffleboard but we do have a couple of favours to ask you all when you play.... Slide don't slam the weights - where are you trying to get it to? It's literally 12ft long guys. No drinks on the board - there is purposely a table built for your pleasure a stones thrown away from where you'll be, ideal for putting pizza and beer on. And lastly, don't go too sprinkle happy with the wax salt. This isn't where we roll out the dough and it's not the reason why you're not playing well. A light coverage is key.